Ross is our male tri-colored beagle. We bought him from a breeder in South Dakota. He was born on June 28th of 2009. He is a crazy little fella and loves attention and don't forget, FOOD!


This is Bailey our other tri-colored beagle. She is around a year to 2 years old. Unfortuantly we don't know her birthday. We found Bailey in Wal-Mart's parking lot and we couldn't leave her there so we took her home. Ross and Bailey just fell in love. They can never go anywhere without the other one.


This is Kharrington. She is our adopted border collie. She was found by a truck driver in Carrington, ND. She was originally staying on a farm with this truck driver but he decided he wanted her to find a new family. She is nothing but a sweetheart. She scared of other dogs since she never had contact with many but she loves everyone!

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